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And what a great day it was!

Open Sunday, as planned

Posted on Mon 29 April 2019

Months and months of planning go into Surrey Food Festival each year, but the one thing we can't control is the weather.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature got the better of us on Saturday when we were forced to close the event early due to dangerously high winds caused by Storm Hannah. Our site is in the middle of an expanse of open space, which meant we were completely exposed to the hugely powerful gusts. We had to take the difficult decision to close the event for safety reasons; the safety of our visitors, stallholders and staff is paramount.

Thankfully, we had increased the festival to two days for 2019, and we were able to run the event as planned on Sunday. The wind calmed down to an acceptable level, Saturday ticket holders came on Sunday instead and the sun even shone for us at times!

We had a fabulous day of delicious food and drink, great music, interesting talks and demos and lots of fun. Photos to follow. Thanks for your understanding and support.

The Surrey Food Festival Team

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