The Surrey Food Festival 2019 - 27th & 28th April 2019 - Old Deer Park 10am - 7pm

Sekforde Mixers - enjoy your favourite spirits in a new way

Sekforde Drinks

Sekforde are the world’s first mixers created specifically for whisky, rum, gin & tequila. Unique flavours and 100% natural. Discover a new way to enjoy spirits this summer. An exciting alternative to a G&T.

Sekforde Drinks

Sekforde are the first mixers created to partner with whisky, rum, gin & tequila.
Flavour-wise they offer:
Whisky Mixer: Sicilian orange, rosemary & bitters
Rum Mixer: Lime, Mint, Rose & Cacao
Gin Mixer (a lighter alternative to tonic): Raspberry, Rose & Sage
Tequila Mixer: Prickly Pear, Fig & Cardamom
All natural and low in sugar.

This summer discover a way to create the perfect pitcher for the whisky, rum, gin or tequila you love. An exciting new drink to enjoy alongside Gin & Tonic or Pimms in the sun.

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