The Surrey Food Festival 2019 - 27th & 28th April 2019 - Old Deer Park 10am - 7pm

Artisan fries, cheese curds and gravy from french Canada

La Poutine

  • Pitch number: V03

As a French Canadian, Poutine has always been part of my life. When moving to the UK with my British-Canadian other half, I was convinced that my British friends would love this dish. The concept was built out of for poutine, love for my home country and province and love for serving the community.

La Poutine

What is Poutine, you ask? Poutine is a dish created in Quebec in the 1950's consisting of fries (chips), cheddar cheese curds and piping hot gravy. The word "poutine" means "mess" in old French slang. At La Poutine, we aim to elevate the traditional 1950's poutine by using fresh, organic, homemade and local ingredients wherever possible. Each poutine is crafted with love and each component has been carefully sourced:
1. Fries: Our fries are hand-cut the same day from locally grown Maris Piper potatoes and twice fried in vegetable oil.
2. Cheese Curds: Our curds are brought from local dairy farms. The cheese supply was carefully selected to make sure the taste is exactly the same as the one we find in Quebec with that authentic squeak-in-your-teeth feeling and taste.
3. Gravy: We offer 2 types of gravies: Traditional gravy which is lighter tasting and considered to be more authentic and a favorite of mine: the Bolognese sauce.
4. Food Containers: We've chosen the Eco-friendly paper compostable recyclable containers and wood cutleries.

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