The Surrey Food Festival 2019 - 27th & 28th April 2019 - Old Deer Park 10am - 7pm

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The Art of Creative Oriental Cooking

Karimix UK Ltd

The creation of Karimix recipes are greatly influenced and evolved from the unique mixed heritage of the owner and chief creator, a Peranakan, whose origination is from Singapore which is the melting pot of a mixture of Far and South-East Asian cultures and fusion cuisine.

Karimix UK Ltd

Karimix is a UK based independent, BRC accredited food manufacturer located in Kent which specializes in bringing the traditional aromas and flavours of South-East Asia and more into the modern kitchen. The Karimix range of relishes, chutneys, curry pastes, marinades, soups, sauces and condiments is inspired to maximize its creative potential with strengths in NPD and imaginative
flavour fusions. It caters to the Retail and Foodservice industries.

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