The Surrey Food Festival 2019 - 27th & 28th April 2019 - Old Deer Park 10am - 7pm

The flexible pescatarian... Delicious and inspiring recipes from Jo’s new cookbook

Jo Pratt

For anyone looking to eat less meat, trying to balance their diet, a lover of seafood, or even a dedicated pescatarian looking for inspiration, then this will be right up their street. Jo Pratt’s global recipes are suitable for any occasion, with many providing creative vegetarian alternatives for fish-free days.

Jo Pratt

A cook, food stylist and author of eight books Jo Pratt is a regular contributor to various magazines and publications. When she’s not writing, you’ll find Jo presenting recipes online, on TV, on stage performing live cookery demonstrations or hosting cookery classes and workshops.

Jo has worked with Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Marcus Waring and many high-profile chefs and global food brands. She is executive chef of award winning-restaurant The Gorgeous Kitchen and her most recent project is The Cookbook Festival, which she founded and co-chairs.

Jo’s latest book The Flexible Pescatarian is packed with well-balanced and tempting recipes that make cooking with fish accessible and easy for anyone. Whether catering for a large group or just for one, Jo’s simple dishes help you get to grips with everything from choosing, buying, storing, preparing and cooking fish and seafood.

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