The Surrey Food Festival 2019 - 27th & 28th April 2019 - Old Deer Park 10am - 7pm

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ward Winning American Style Burgers, from a Vintage VW Campervan. 5)

Eat The Farm

We are an award winning Street Food company, that sells our high quality american style burgers from our coveted vintage VW Campper food trucks. We source all our fresh produce direct from farmers, and us only the best quality ingredients available.

Eat The Farm

We are a street food company based in rural Kent who trade from our vintage VW campervans, and we pride ourselves on sourcing all our fresh produce
direct from farmers. These are small scale producers, who focus on sustainability and
ethical farming methods.
Our vintage VW Campers have been converted to give a fully immersive customer
experience. We have created as big a hatch as possible so that our customers can
see all that goes in to preparing and cooking their burger, and to enable us to
engage at all times with them during the process.
That’s why we cook all our burgers to order, right in front of our customers, all our
meat is freshly ground, and we produce balls of meat which we smash down on the
griddle for every patty we cook
We have been finalists in the British Street Food Awards for 2 years running securing
2nd place in the 2016 awards.

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