The Surrey Food Festival 2019 - 27th & 28th April 2019 - Old Deer Park 10am - 7pm

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A Sweet Way To Heaven

A Sweet Way to Heaven was founded about 6 years ago by June Young, who had been selling fudge and confectionery on the show circuit for 15 years previously as part of a family business.

A Sweet Way To Heaven

Having traveled around the country extensively, attending various events and shows, it became apparent that the demand for certain products varied geographically and that the growing fascination with food and development of food tastes had even influenced the confectionery market. Whilst the emphasis has now moved towards healthy eating the sweet and dessert lines are now regarded as a treat rather than a necessity so it is important that we offer a varied selection to accommodate those traditional tastes as well as embracing current flavor sensations. The attraction of the vintage era has also encouraged us a company to include those retro flavors that were so well known in the old sweet shops of yester year.

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